Our Services:

  • Mold Remediation & Abatement

We apply a combination of highly-skilled personnel, safe and effective cleaning products and professional project management in order to achieve the best possible project results.  This combination adds up to your advantage when it comes to ridding your home or workplace of dangerous mold.  At TekPure Environmental, our mission is to help our clients achieve their goals for removing unwanted mold or other contaminants from the living space or workplace.  We know that, at its best, mold is unsanitary and undesirable in a human-occupied space.  That is why we are committed to the safe and effective cleaning of mold-affected spaces using only the safest natural cleaning agents.


When you call on the professionals at TekPure Environmental to deal with a mold question, you can breathe easy.


  • Industrial Cleaning

TekPure provides an array of industrial cleaning and facility decontamination services in support of your plant maintenance effort.  We perform confined space entry and specialized cleaning and decontamination work for industrial firms, utilities and local government agencies like sewer authorities and water treatment operations.   Our personnel are skilled in the control of hazardous energy and permit-required confined space entry operations.  We are able to meet your needs for qualified, fully-trained personnel with expertise in specialized cleaning.


If you have a requirement for cleaning a piece of process equipment, a sump, tank or other apparatus, please call TekPure Environmental for a no-obligation service proposal.

  • Environmental Site Assessment

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

If you are considering the purchase of commercial or industrial real estate, you should obtain insight about that property's potential for recognized environmental conditions or environmental defects.


The professionals at TekPure Environmental have been conducting comprehensive Phase I Environmental Site Assessments for over twenty years.  We produce Phase I ESA reports that are fully compliant with ASTM and EPA's AAI Standards.  If you don't require the comprehensive search and detailed reporting of a Phase I ESA but still want to examine the history of a particular's property's use and occupancy, we also offer a transaction screen service.


Experts will advise you to obtain appropriate environmental inquiry in order to avoid costly surprises in a commercial real estate transaction.  Choose the professionals at TekPure Environmental for your Phase I ESA needs.